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Atlas provides tools that make the interaction between your business systems easy and logical, to the extent that it becomes a natural part of your Office environment.

Multi Database

Access your enterprise data stored in Microsoft Dynamics ERP & Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems, Databases OLAP Cubes

Revolutionize the way you reach your Microsoft Dynamics data.

Work faster and smarter with Atlas, the superior business intelligence tool that works seamlessly with multiple business platforms.

Atlas Office Add-in makes it easy to access your enterprise data. See how Atlas is integrated within: 


What is Atlas?

Atlas is our premium reporting and analysis software that works seamlessly with Excel and Microsoft Office.
Do your own data discovery, ad-hoc reporting, or simply refresh documents to get the latest real-time data from your enterprise system. 

The latest version (Atlas 6.1) has a host of enhanced features and functionality to make work easier for you and your team. Atlas’s new reporting function allows you to collate data from multiple sources in one single report. The Excel add-in enables you to carry out Dynamics AX, CRM or 365 reporting, using data from across your Dynamics’ environment.

Stop your work flow from being bottle necked by requests for reporting documents and data output from specialists. With Atlas, anyone in your organization can get the information they want, in the format they want, whenever they want at the click of a button.


Insert live data from different systems in Excel or any Office document.


Atlas allows you to create new records, as well as edit and replace existing ones, directly from Excel.

Data blending

Collate data from a number of enterprise data sources in real time, visualised in one easy-to-read report.

Real-time access

Atlas provides real time access to your business systems so the information you use is always accurate and up-to-date.


Why choose Atlas?

We live in a digital age where the calibre and performance of your Business Intelligence software can give you the competitive edge you need to survive and thrive in today’s online environment.
As an Atlas client, we ensure you have the tools you need to work smarter, faster and more accurately. With Atlas, your organization will receive:


We have a proven record of providing quality ERP solutions to some of the world’s leading companies and successfully transforming their business intelligence systems.


The software we offer is not only suitable for your business, it has been translated into many different languages and implemented in around 3000 installations worldwide.
Atlas supports all versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 on cloud, SSAS OLAP Cubes and SQL Server databases. It is by far one of the most flexible pieces of integration software on the market. With Atlas you can work seamlessly between Microsoft Office System and all your other enterprise systems.


We provide ongoing support to clients.  There are libraries of online educational resources and software tools to ensure you become an Atlas specialist in no time. If you need to speak to someone, the Atlas support team is also ready to assist.



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